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White Film on Dishes, inside dishwasher, and dishes not getting clean
*if you have a Bosch Dishwasher,
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The white film that is being left on your dishes, is due to TOO MUCH Detergent, NOT to Calcium or Hard Water, or the lack of Phosphates!!!, Due to the Manufacturers Increasing the Concentration of the detergent, by 4-6 times, what it was a year ago. The ONLY thing that the lack of phosphates has caused, is that is NOW IMPERATIVE to have HOT enough water, to dissolve the detergent properly...a MINIMUM of 120 degrees! The reason: All of this is due to the Eco push, trying to decrease the number of detergent containers being thrown into the landfills...Problem is: They are NOT Labeling the dishwasher detergent, with the 2X, 3X, 4X, ..6X, that they are increasing it by, like they are on the clothes washing detergent(look at the clothes washer detergent label...2X and UP to 6X!) The prepackaged detergents are even WORSE, about 10 times too much sudsing, due to adding the Jet Dry in with the detergent! Jet Dry sudses up, and it is NOT meant to be dispensed during the wash cycle, along with the detergent! It is a RINSE AID, that dispenses from the jet dry dispenser, in THE RINSE cycle, NOT the wash cycle! These detergent manufacturers are WELL AWARE of what they are doing....they are deceiving the public, by not telling them the detergent is Dramatically More Concentrated in the last year...so they can keep selling as much and making as much money as they were before. If they tell the public, then sales will go way down, on number of containers, because the Drastically increased concentrations will Last Much Longer, up to 6x longer! The build up is like concrete when detergent dries, and is extremely hard to get off dishes and is even worse on the dishwasher. There is a cleaner that they also came out with at the same time they increased the concentration, called DishwasherMagic, which is required if the buildup is severe...Vinegar is NOT strong enough to eat through all the layers of dried up detergent(like concrete). Once you get the dishwasher back to normal condition, using 2-3 bottles, possibly up to 18 bottles it took one of my customers, to get all the layers of detergent out of the inside of the pump and tubing. One bottle will clean out the interior, but don't let that deceive you...inside the pump, where you can't see it, it is like our arteries clog up, layer after layer, up to 20 or so layers, which the cleaner only is able to dissolve about a layer or 2 of at a time.


After getting the dishwasher cleaned out, you need to start running the water at the sink, UNTIL it is HOT, THEN start the dishwasher...the heater in the dishwasher is Not like a coffee pot heater, that heats from cold to hot...it is ONLY an assist for maybe 10 degrees or so...the water at the sink when you first turn on the hot water, is like the shower, it can take awhile, so you end up with 70 or so water in the dishwasher, and it takes a MINIMUM of 120 degrees to dissolve detergent! Run the Hot water at the sink before starting the dishwasher, just cover the bottom of the detergent dispenser ..no more filling to a certain line or all the way, it's about a tablespoon now, and keep jet dry in the dispenser. If you follow this closely, and get it cleaned out first totally, and run the water until hot at the sink, cover the bottom of the dispenser only with detergent, and use jet dry, you will be able to invite your friends back, as your dishes will be spotless again! I deal with this every day with customers, and have never had to, for 30 years in the repair business, until these bozos raised the concentration, and are NOT Labeling the dishwasher detergent with the 2X, 3X, 4X, ...6X, that they have raised it to! There really needs to be a class action lawsuit, due to Millions of people having RUINED their dishes with the rock hard detergent that is Almost impossible to get off, without hours of scrubbing it off, and the Millions of service calls we have now, due to this problem they caused, with ignorance and greed!! Yes, Vinegar might work in mild cases, but it is NOT strong enough to deal with the severe cases...that is only going to get resolved by using Dishwasher Magic! Good Luck! Be Patient, it will work!

Owner of ABA Appliance

Bosch Dishwasher Film & Detergent Buildup in Dishwasher:

It is Extremely likely there is not fault of the dishwasher, specifically, it is more likely that you have the problem millions others are experiencing, as well.

The dishwasher is running up to 41/2 to 6 hours, and would shut off, but you are not used to it running that long, so you think that it is not working properly...True.

Here is what is occurring, that you share with millions of others, and can be solved, if you follow these specific instructions.

The water temperature needs to be hotter, much less detergent, and the use of jet dry.

If the water temperature is Not hot enough when it goes into the dishwasher, then the dishwasher is TRYING to heat it up, and will take upwards to 4 1/2 to 6 hours to do so, for an entire wash cycle.

The heater is NOT designed to heat up the water in a dishwasher, like a coffee pot, but only a one degree a minute heater, to ASSIST in heating, if the temperature is slightly lower than 120. The water line is hooked up, for the dishwasher, under the sink faucet. Most people just start the dishwasher, and do not run the faucet before, which results in getting(Just like when you first turn the shower on)cold water, into the dishwasher, about 70 or so, and maybe colder in the winter. The thermostat in the Bosch dishwasher is set at 165 degrees, and the dishwasher will HOLD the cycle to heat the water up to 165, if it is not hot enough when it comes in. The heater only heating ONE DEGREE a minute, means that to heat from 70 degrees to 165 degrees, it will take 95 MINUTES until is gets the water hot enough to advance the cycle forward, and it does 3 washes, so 3 times 95 minutes, means 4 1/2 to 6 hours of the dishwasher running, UNTIL it finishes.

Another problem that has made this worse, is that the detergent was drastically increased in concentration, about a year ago, due to all this ECO push, and it is now, 2X to 6X..up to 10 times more concentrated, and is causing a white film buildup, not only on the dishes, but throughout the Entire dishwasher, pump and tubing, and severely coating the heater element with rock hard detergent, so it cannot emit any heat.

Also, the Phosphates have been either removed, or dramatically decreased, affecting the water temperature that the New over-concentrated detergent, demands the water temperature to be, so the detergent will be dissolved, which is critical now at a MINIMUM of 120 degrees. Running the faucet until it is HOT(just like you do with the shower), BEFORE running he dishwasher, should get the water temperature hot enough to Dramatically affect the time the entire cycle runs(unless you have turned down your water heater, due to worry about children being scalded, or to save energy), but as well, will allow the detergent to start being dissolved, as soon as the dishwasher starts running, otherwise you are throwing water around, inside the dishwasher, that is cold water, with detergent, and it will NOT dissolve, so NO CLEANING it getting done at all, and causing the heater to TRY to heat the water, but the heater is all covered up with Dried(concrete hard) detergent, due to there being 4X to 6X too much being used, by no fault of your own, but the fault of the manufacturers NOT LABELING the dishwasher detergent, like they are the clothes washer detergent, with the 2X, 3X, 4X, up to 6X...and in the case of the pre-packaged detergents, it ends up being about 10 times too much detergent, causing so much sudsing, that you can't get rid of all of the excess detergent, and you end up with detergent in the rinse water, still, and rinsing with detergent, Instead of Clear Water, with Jet Dry in it!

OK, so now you know what is causing the problem, and how things should be normally.

-Hot enough water, by running the faucet at the sink, until the water is Hot...

-The right amount of detergent, just covering the bottom of the dispenser, about a tablespoon...and the pre-packaged ones are about 10 times too much, so do NOT use them anymore, just any powder or liquid detergent is fine, like Cascade.

-Use the blue Jet Dry, in the dispenser in the door.

-THEN start the dishwasher, and run it through a Normal or Regular cycle(Pots and Pans or Heavy wash cycles are Not necessary, if you make sure to run the sink until the water is HOT)...

The dishes will be spotless and clean again, so your friends will come back to visit...LOL

Now, another issue, mentioned earlier, about the detergent buildup.

If you open the dishwasher when it is dry inside, and you can see a white film all overt the door, and inside the cavity, especially the strainer and filter area(screens at the bottom), then you will NEED to get the entire dishwasher cleaned out, BEFORE you will have success in washing the dishes.

As well, if your dishes, especially glassware, appear to have a white cloudy film, then you will need to address this also, because inside the dishwasher, pump, tubing and everywhere, there are Layers of detergent built up, you cannot see, that will NOT allow the dishwasher to run properly, and will only contribute to additional detergent build up, as some of the existing detergent that is dried up, dissolves over each wash, if the water is Hot enough now, since you are now ALWAYS running the sink faucet Before starting the dishwasher.

All this detergent buildup, layers and layers of it, up to 20 or so layers, needs to be dissolved and cleaned out of the entire dishwasher, especially in places you Cannot see, like the pump and hoses and filter housing well.

The ONLY way this is going to get cleaned out, is with a product called Dishwasher Magic(you can locate a retailer close to you, on their web site, putting in your zip code)... usually an ACE Hardware.  www.dishwashermagic.com

Vinegar, or any other product will NOT work, as they are NOT Strong enough in concentration. It may appear if you use them, that the inside of the dishwasher is cleaner, or even clean, but inside the pump and everywhere else, you cannot see, remember there are layers and layers of concrete hard detergent buildup, that MUST be dissolved and removed before the dishwasher will get back to Proper Operation.


Patience & Persistence, is the Key Here:

Customers have had various amount they have needed to use, from an average of 4-8 bottles($4.00 a bottle), ONE AT A TIME, in a complete cycle, to up to 18 bottles!

Take the bottle of dishwasher magic, unscrew the cap, and you will Notice a WAX plug in it, that will NOT allow the liquid cleaner to pour out...DO NOT DIG OUT THE WAX PLUG!!!

Unscrew the cap, turn the bottle upside down, and put it in the silverware basket.

Run the sink faucet until the water is HOT

Run the dishwasher through a Regular or Normal cycle.

When the cycle is done, take the dishwasher magic bottle out and notice if the wax plug melted...IF NOT, THEN YOU NEED TO TURN UP YOUR WATER HEATER! This is the Test to make sure you have HOT enough water to dissolve the detergent, a MINIMUM of 120 degrees! Otherwise, if you do not have hot enough water, you not only are NOT going to dissolve the detergent, but you will continue to be building up detergent, and as well, the cycle is going to last 4 1/2 to 6 hours!

See how all this fits together...

We can all Thank the detergent manufacturers, for doing this, increasing the concentration, and NOT LABELING it on the dishwasher detergent container, so we know to use Much Less!

Be patient with this, and you WILL Solve the problem.

Thank you, Mike


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